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NEW – Carden IT Services iPhone App

At Carden IT Services, we are constantly working to find new ways to keep our IT Support a step above the rest. A new feature we are introducing for our IT Support clients at no extra charge is a new iPhone App called “DD Inbox”. This App communicates directly with our support system’s backend and arranges this information in an easily accessible format. By providing this App, we aim to further streamline our ticketing system, from logging, to communication, to resolution.

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Introducing Advanced Employee Monitoring

Employee productivity is a reoccurring and increasing issue amongst employers. With social media sites now becoming a part of every day working life for SEO purposes, it is often overlooked when someone is spending time away from their office duties. Furthermore, key managers are now out of the office more than ever, meaning it is very easy for employees to veer towards non work related websites. We are often asked about the blocking of certain websites, prevention better than cure. However with the increasing number of social media sites, blocking these is becoming increasingly difficult. 

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Office 365 – The Advantages of the Microsoft Cloud!

Microsoft Office 365 comes packed with many features and benefits. The main benefit is the offloading of responsibility for uptime from your IT infrastructure over to Microsoft, potentially saving you time, worry and money. Furthermore your company gets to continue to use the software that they have always used. From an end user point of view very little may change, depending on which Microsoft Office 365 package is subscribed to.