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Office 365 – The Advantages of the Microsoft Cloud!

Microsoft Office 365 comes packed with many features and benefits. The main benefit is the offloading of responsibility for uptime from your IT infrastructure over to Microsoft, potentially saving you time, worry and money. Furthermore your company gets to continue to use the software that they have always used. From an end user point of view very little may change, depending on which Microsoft Office 365 package is subscribed to.

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Email Security – Prevention Is Better Than Cure. Protect Your IT Infrastructure Against Rogue Ransomware Emails Before They Reach Your Network.

Spam! Annoying. Right? Replica watches, designer suits…. some items that cannot be mentioned otherwise we may hit Google with the wrong search terms and attract the wrong audience. Yes spam is annoying, however rarely destructive. Email security solutions were primarily designed to prevent spam. At Carden IT Services we have tried and tested many of the products on offer from many of the different vendors with mixed results. From all of these we located flaws in the solution such as false positives, spam slipping through the net and downtime caused by insufficient resources on the providers networks. Then the game changed. With the fairly new and very destructive type of infection out in the dirty air known as Ransomware, the requirements for email security have changed.

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Introducing the Carden Support Client – Extending Our Support Services and Improving the Client Experience

Although our support team are obviously super efficient in responding to your tickets, there have been common questions since we started our company, “Can I log my ticket online?” and “Can we view our ticket updates online?”. Now, with the introduction of our Proactive and Fully Managed IT support packages this has now been produced in the name of the Carden Support Client.