Woman working on a laptop at home

The transition to working from home has gone very smoothly with our support desk continuing to work efficiently.

The 3CX softphone app has enabled us to continue to operate a cohesive telephone support desk. We are all using Bluetooth headsets but there are many other options available such as full desktop phones, USB Yeti microphones, mobile phones or gaming headsets which can all be used while staying connected to the same integrated system.

Although everyone is at home using their own WIFI, each staff member accesses our main office network via RDS (Remote Desktop Services) securely over an SSL connection as all our servers are locked to our office IP. This keeps both our and your data secure while letting our staff collaborate remotely.

Furthermore, all our systems are protected by two factor authentications, the codes for which are distributed by our head of technical procedures Callum every morning meaning that each team member must be provided a new code every time they log in.

These solutions don’t just benefit a business during lockdown but are invaluable to any organisation that has employees who regularly work from home or while travelling or to those companies who work with remote freelancers that need access to their network.

Some of you will already be utilising these sorts of solutions in your own organisations. If not, speak to your account manager today about how we can help your organisation work more securely and efficiently while your team is remote.