IT Services iPhone App

At Carden IT Services, we are constantly working to find new ways to keep our IT Support a step above the rest. A new feature we are introducing for our IT Support clients at no extra charge is a new iPhone App called “DD Inbox”. This App communicates directly with our support system’s backend and arranges this information in an easily accessible format. By providing this App, we aim to further streamline our ticketing system, from logging, to communication, to resolution.

Here are just a few of the many advantages to using our new iPhone App:

A stripped down, simple approach to viewing tickets.Tickets are made to present information fast and accurately.

Create tickets in seconds.Creating tickets in “DD Inbox” is easy and streamlined. Simply enter a title and a description of your problem and your ticket is created. This ticket will then immediately be in view of our Support Desk Analysts who will begin investigating the fault.

Get ticket notifications wherever you are.As long as your device has an internet connection, you will be able to receive notifications about the status of your open tickets.

Get notifications ASAP.Natively implemented notifications are sent as soon as a ticket is updated. These will appear in the same area as text messages on the lock screen for quick, easy access.

Call Support.When instant help is required, you can open the Call Support page in the menu and tap a button which will automatically begins calling us for you.