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Employee productivity is a reoccurring and increasing issue amongst employers. With social media sites now becoming a part of every day working life for SEO purposes, it is often overlooked when someone is spending time away from their office duties. Furthermore, key managers are now out of the office more than ever, meaning it is very easy for employees to veer towards non work related websites. We are often asked about the blocking of certain websites, prevention better than cure. However with the increasing number of social media sites, blocking these is becoming increasingly difficult. 

This is where ActivTrak comes into play. Easy to install and cloud based monitoring which allows employers of onsite and remote workers monitor application and web usage, improving employee productivity. ActivTrak installs as an invisible agent on any workstation, meaning it is not visible to the user. Once the agent is installed it will start reporting screenshots, URLs and application data to the cloud in a matter of minutes.

ActivTrak has a very simple, intuitive dashboard allowing you to easily set alarms for user activity notifications and track multiple user sessions in real time from a single screen. The agent quickly collects title bars, URLs, and screenshots and can easily shut down applications or notify you of flagged usage.

All data is then stored in a reliable Amazon cloud with a secure SSL protected connection.

You can easily uninstall an Agent or delete an entire account at any time.

Pricing as follows:

5 ActivTrak agents – £250 per annum
10 ActivTrak agents – £400 per annum
15 ActivTrak agents – £600 per annum
20 ActivTrak agents – £670 per annum
25 ActivTrak agents – £840 per annum
30 ActivTrak agents – £1000 per annum

Please call for +30 agents.

All prices are excluding VAT and do not include setup.

For a free demo of this product, please contact us.

Those wishing to block website by category can still do so via our Open DNS product offering.