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Providing your staff with all the tools they need to carry out their jobs productively and efficiently in this modern, fast-paced, hi-tech world has never been more important. In days gone by, companies would have invested a lot of money on getting their own IT support on board, tasked with downloading software like office packages onto individual machines and maintaining those individual eco-systems.

The modern approach is to opt for cloud based services that offer much greater flexibility combine with a global service that allows greater sharing between devices and individuals.

If you are not yet using a service like Office 365, here are ten good reasons why you might want to migrate right now:

  1. Cut back your IT infrastructure:With a global service that regularly updates automatically, you can subscribe, download the Office 365 package to suit your business needs and then get on with your work. If you need to expand your services you simply access Office 365s many tools as and when you need them.
  2. Get business email capacity that counts:With Office 365 you automatically get the 50GB capacity mailboxes which means you don’t have to worry about your staff running out of space and then having to get your IT support to upgrade those services.
  3. You get strong spam and anti-virus protection:Your email and online collaboration comes with the best security in the world including monitoring and real-time updates that keep your operations safe across the board. You get an added line of protection to tackle issues such as ransomware with the anti-spam and virus software Barracuda that sits in front of Office 365.
  4. Access your emails anytime:The flexibility of cloud based email means your staff can open their messages anywhere in the world at any time. All this ensures your business and employees operate at optimum efficiency.
  5. You get deeper collaboration:This high degree of connectivity also means you get all of Office 365’s tools for close collaboration. Files and ideas can be easily shared and with 1TB of storage there’s no problem with potentially running out of space.
  6. Engage anywhere:The cloud based service not only lets you access documents anywhere in the world, you can use a whole host of collaborative tools that keep you on top of everything happening in your business.
  7. You get rapid synching between devices:Communication between devices ensures you don’t have to go looking for the pc, laptop, smartphone or tablet that holds your files, emails or other documents and information. It’s there, when you want it. That means you can access emails, sub folders, calendars, contacts and tasks on any device.
  8. Create better working teams:Microsoft Teams enables your staff to stay in touch, check when they have a meeting, access public folders on Outlook and manage a wide range of projects to a high degree.
  9. You can organise powerful online meetings:The sheer capacity for holding online meetings is one of the most exciting things about Office 365. You can organise get togethers for up to 250 people using screen sharing, virtual whiteboards and all the audio and web video you could ever want.
  10. You have quick and easy access to great technical support:Using a Microsoft partner like Carden IT Services means, when you do have issues, your solution is just a phone call away.

One thing that tends to put many businesses off is the potential complexity of migrating to Office 365. This is a lot easier than many think and can be completed without impacting on the day to day running of your company. If you want greater flexibility, a system that grows with your business and which all your staff can use wherever they are in the world, now is the time to change.

At Carden IT Services, we offer free Office 365 migration for many businesses. You can create the perfect environment that allows your company to thrive and grow. Contact us today to see if you qualify.