hand dialling an office phone

Do you know how many calls your business is missing every day? Do you know the cost of those missed calls? New research has revealed that SMEs in the UK are losing £90 million in potential sales per year as a result of failing to answer calls.

With the move to mobile and flexible working, businesses are failing to adapt their telecoms strategy to match. A report analysing 1,600 SMEs by BT Business discovered that just one missed call results in an average loss of £1,200. The majority of customers will not call back, and if businesses remain unavailable for a full 24-hour period, the average loss rises to £9,000.

The study also highlighted that smaller businesses with less resources face the biggest impact when it comes to missed calls. The research found that 63,400 companies with between 20 and 49 workers lost a total of £36,518,400 between April 2013 and March 2014.

The majority of SMEs that we surveyed who had not adopted new technology into their phone system said they had no idea how many calls they were missing or how many callers couldn’t get through.

How can my business address this problem? 

Simple! By using one of Carden’s Inbound solutions. Our Inbound solution sits in the cloud and all of your calls flow through it. This means that you don’t need to change anything on site or upgrade your phone system. Once this solution is in place, call plans can be built to help route numbers as you choose. Some key features are

  • Time of date / Night routing 
  • Custom call plans – help to spread load across offices and mobile phones
  • Automatic failover – DR planning to other offices or mobiles
  • Advanced call statistics – see exactly who is calling and how many are being answered
  • Use with any number –  (01/02/08x), anywhere, from any device
  • Call Recording – secure, on demand call recording
  • Advanced Voicemail – get voicemail to email
  • Multi-purpose – use the service to effectively manage everyday calls.
  • Easy-to-use – the entire service is jargon-free and intuitive
  • Queue – Allow up to 25 people to queue in the cloud
  • Scalable – as your company grows, the inbound solution can scale with you
  • No capital outlay – prices start from £7.50 pm

Why not see how your business can benefit from an Inbound solution today? Speak to one of our team.