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Save money and keep your IT Department happy by switching to a Telecoms provider who can offer you a customised package to suit your budget! Telecoms and IT have become inseparable as technology has developed in recent years. Not only are we continuing to develop high quality communications systems, the telecoms sector is also providing businesses of all sizes with the flexibility they have long been searching for.

Changing from an old standard telephone system to a more advanced VoIP service is not only cost effective it can grow with your business when most you need it.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Telecoms

Communication has become increasingly complex. Businesses often operate from different sites and will have a mix of both mobile and landline devices. Start-ups may have simple needs when they first begin but require a telecoms infrastructure that is going to respond to changes as they grow.

A quality telecoms service should deliver the flexibility you need right now, allowing your staff to handle calls more effectively, including routing calls to employees working away from the office either through their mobile device, tablets, laptops or desktop PCs.

With great telecoms, you now need to be able to incorporate a wider range of devices including mobile phones. A modern telecoms system brings everything together seamlessly and creates a connected communications environment that is both easy to use and cost effective to maintain.

You don’t have to worry either about transferring your existing phone numbers as this can easily be done. Neither is there any downtime when you switch over to your new service.

The big advantage many businesses will find is that they can tailor the telecoms to their individual needs and that includes pricing. The monthly billing options can grow or shrink depending on your needs and adding new lines is as simple as picking up the phone and asking for them. For businesses, phone bills can start to escalate quickly and keeping a handle on those charges ensures that budgeting is more effective.

Finding a Telecoms Service That Works for Your Business

There are numerous telecoms and IT options now available and choosing the right one is important for your business if you want to save costs and get the solution that works for your business. You should be looking for telecoms that provide the full range of services, from physical single and multiple lines through to state of the art VoIP technology. You’ll also want a service that helps you track usage closely and comes with the kind of support that your staff, including those in IT, will appreciate.

For most businesses, the requirements are clear: They want to optimise the costs of running their phone system and use it to drive business value – for example, by improving and simplifying communication across the company.

At Carden IT Services, we know the devil is in the detail. Setting up a telecoms infrastructure requires a clear understanding of what is needed and how it works for your business. Whether you have a complex set of requirements or simply need to set up the communications for your start-up company, we have the technical staff who can help you save money and get the communications system you really need.

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